Here I made a list of main balloon manufacturers to discover the top producers it the balloon decoration industry.

1. Gemar Balloons – An Italian balloon manufacturer known for their wide range of latex balloon designs and sizes.

Overview: Gemar Balloons is an Italian balloon manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1959. They are known for their extensive range of latex balloons, which are highly regarded for their quality and vibrant colors.

Product Diversity: Gemar offers a wide variety of balloon sizes and shapes, catering to different events and themes. Their range includes standard round balloons, heart-shaped balloons, and more.

Innovation: Gemar has a reputation for innovation in balloon design and manufacturing. They often introduce new balloon styles and colors, staying at the forefront of balloon trends.

Sustainability: The company has taken steps to promote sustainability in the balloon industry, producing biodegradable latex balloons that decompose naturally over time.

2. Qualatex Balloons – A well-known brand in the balloon industry, they specialize in high-quality latex (chrome and agate and foil balloons).

Overview: Qualatex, a division of Pioneer Balloon Company, is a prominent and trusted brand in the balloon industry. They are renowned for producing high-quality latex and foil balloons, catering to a wide range of events and occasions.

Specializations: Qualatex offers a comprehensive collection of balloons, including standard latex balloons, chrome and agate latex balloons known for their metallic and marbled effects, and an array of foil balloons

Innovation: Qualatex is known for pioneering new balloon technologies, such as the Qualatex Bubble Balloons and special effects latex balloons.

Global Presence: With a global network of distributors and certified balloon artists, Qualatex balloons are widely available and trusted by professionals worldwide.

3. Anagram Balloons – A leading manufacturer of foil balloons for all occasions – lots of different foil figures, Letter balloons and Number balloons, AirLoons and Airwalkers, Crystal Clearz and other balloons.


5. Belbal Group – A Belgian manufacturer specializing in latex balloons.

6. CTI Industries – An American company that manufactures both latex and foil balloons.

7. Pioneer Balloon Company – Known for their Qualatex and Northstar brands, they offer a wide range of balloon products.

8. Amscan Inc. – A party goods manufacturer that also produces balloons.

9. Betallic LLC – Specializes in foil balloons with unique shapes and designs.

10. Unique Industries, Inc. – A party goods manufacturer that also produces a variety of balloons.

11. Tuf-Tex Balloons – Known for their durable latex balloons.

12. National Latex Products Company – An American manufacturer of latex products, including balloons.

13. Northstar Balloons LLC – Offers a range of foil balloons in various shapes and sizes.

14. Guangzhou Hongyi Toy Manufacturing Co., Ltd. – A Chinese company specializing in inflatable toys, including balloons.

15. B-Loony Ltd – A UK-based balloon and flag manufacturer.

16. Sempertex – A Colombian company that specializes in the manufacture of latex balloons.

17. Creative Balloons Manufacturing, Inc. – Offers a range of balloons and balloon accessories.

18. Flexmetal, Inc. – Specializes in the manufacture of foil balloons.

19. The Balloon Company – Offers a range of balloon-related products, including helium, inflators, and accessories.

20. Illooms Balloons – Known for their LED light-up balloons.

21. Sky High Balloons, Inc. – Specializes in advertising and promotional balloons.

22. Kaleidoscope Balloons – Offers a range of foil and latex balloons.

23. Rainbow Balloons, Inc. – A wholesale distributor of balloons and related products.

24. Classic Balloon Corporation – A manufacturer and distributor of latex balloons.

25. Granger Balloons – Specializes in large, outdoor balloons for advertising and events.

Balloon Supply & Distribution Ltd. – A company that supplies and distributes a variety of balloon-related products.