Inflating a foil balloon isn’t too difficult, but it does require a bit of care to avoid damaging the balloon. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

1. Unfold the Balloon: Carefully unfold the balloon and smooth out any creases. Be gentle to avoid tearing the foil.

2. Insert the Straw or Pump: Locate the tab on the bottom of the balloon. This is the inflation point. Insert a straw or the nozzle of a hand pump into this tab until it reaches the inner portion of the balloon.

3. Inflate the Balloon: If using a straw, blow into it to inflate the balloon. If using a hand pump, pump air into it. Do this slowly to avoid over-inflating and bursting the balloon. Make sure to not to overinflate the balloon so it might drop. Always leave a bit of space.

4. Seal the Balloon: Once the balloon is fully inflated, remove the straw or pump and press down on the tab to seal it. Most foil balloons have a self-sealing valve, so you don’t need to tie anything.

5. Check for Leaks: Gently squeeze the balloon to check for leaks. If you find any, you may be able to patch them with tape.

6. Attach a String or Ribbon: Finally, attach a string or ribbon to the bottom of the balloon if you want to hold onto it or tie it down.

How to deflate Foil Ballon

To deflate foil ballon you will only need a straw.

1. Untie the balloon and insert the straw deef enough to reach the end of the valve.

2. Once the straw is places correctly start to press gently on the balloon to release the Air (or Helium if the balloon was helium inflated) to push air out through the straw. Be careful not to squeeze too hard and damage the balloon.

3. Remove the Straw: Once all the air is out, remove the straw and reseal the tab.

4. Store or Dispose of the Balloon: If you want to reuse the balloon, store it carefully to avoid damage. If not, please dispose of it responsibly to avoid harming wildlife.

Remember, never release deflated balloons into the environment as they can cause harm to wildlife and contribute to litter.