An easel balloon backdrop is a decorative display of various sizes and colors of balloons arranged on an easel. You can make balloons clusters of different shapes and designs to create a unique and eye-catching decoration for any event.

Easel balloon stand backdrop

People commonly use easel balloon backdrops for photo booths, weddings, birthday parties, hen parties, and other special occasions.

For these purposes, you can use any easel that is available to you.
You can paint wooden easels to match your decor or leave them with the colors and textures of natural wood. The easel in this design acts as a frame for the balls.
As for the balloon garland, we use the same clusters of 10- or 12-inch, 5-inch, and 24-inch balloons.


The canvas can be round or rectangular. Canvas colors can be white, black, transparent, or any suitable color. You can print the finished drawing and inscription in the printing house for each design or use a canvas made of plexiglass or pvc and glue the inscription cut on the plotter from the self-adhesive film. Such a film is easy to remove after the event, and the canvas is again ready for the next design.


The easel gives the balloons a sturdy base, and you can quickly move or adjust it to fit the desired location. This balloon backdrop using an easel is effortless to install. Setting up an easel and canvas takes less than a minute. Mounting a pre-prepared garland of balls on an easel also takes little time (depending on the size and location of the clusters – 10-30 minutes).

If the garland is mounted outdoors, think about weights to weigh the garland in case of windy weather.


When coordinating the photo zone, it is very convenient to draw a design layout to see the colors of the balloons used, the inscription, the font, and the location of the balloons in the garland.

Designs examples

You may decorate your garland with flowers, chrome balloons, foil balloons, or any suitable decor.

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